Free Concert at l’ Antiga Fabrica d’ Estrella Damm organized by Barcelona Accio Musical (BAM), 2012

la merce 2012 BAM estrella damm concert posterComing to the streets of Barcelona in September, 2012!!!!

One of the best free concerts in Barcelona – don’t miss the 2012 BAM  (Barcelona Accio Musical) organized, Estrella Damm sponsored street party at the l’Antiga Fabrica Damm in Barcelona. The 2012 line-up includes headliners like ‘The Kooks’, ‘Love of Lesbian’ and ‘La Iaia’.

Since 2008 the Barcelona Brewery, Estrella Damm and BAM (Barcelona Accio Musical) have teamed up to present a street festival style, free, open-air, live concert with famous bands in front of their old brewery in the l’Eixample district of Barcelona. Previous years have seen more than 15,000 people fill the streets in front of the old Estrella Damm brewery to watch headliners like ‘Mando Diao’, ‘Belle and Sebastian’ and ‘Ok Go’. This year will be even better.

If you’re a fan of ‘The Kooks’ be sure to get there before 22:30.


The X Games Are Coming To Barcelona in 2013

The X Games are coming to Barcelona!!! Announced on the first of May 2012, after a yearlong decision making process, it is finally official – X Games Barcelona 2013 is part of the X Games new Global Expansion campaign.

2013 will be the first time that the X Games goes global and the event organizers are planning something special. Check out the X Games Barcelona Event Schedule for a list of the events, X Games event locations, start times and X Games event descriptions.

Scheduled for May 9 – 12 the 2013 Barcelona X Games event line-up is official and will include the regular extreme sports events seen at previous X Games. The word on the street is that the X Games organizers are planning on keeping the core spirit, excitement and innovative action of the event exactly the same as in previous X Games while adding unique elements to highlight the cultural differences of the new international event locations.

The X Games is an extremely popular and action pact set of events that is definitely worth checking out. They always draws a huge crowd and will bring a large number of travelers to Barcelona – so be sure to book your X Games Barcelona accommodation as early as possible.