Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a reservation without a credit/debit card?

No, it is mandatory to add a valid credit card number when making an online reservation as a confirmation method. After making at least one charge to that card and once at the hostel, if you wish to pay the rest of your reservation in cash, that’s totally fine!

Can I make a reservation for a large group?

Of course, you can! If you want to make a reservation for more than 10 people, you can contact us through our forms to receive detailed information and a personalized offer. Use the following links to see the offer for groups in Barcelona and here for the offer for groups in Lisbon.

I didn't receive the confirmation email! What can I do?

Once your reservation is confirmed, you should automatically receive an email with the details of your booking. If you have not received this confirmation within 4 hours, please contact us through the email address of the hostel where you have made your reservation indicating your name and the dates of your reservation so that we can locate it and send you the confirmation e-mail.

At the bottom of this page, inside the “Locations” section, you can find each hostel’s email address.

Can I buy masks or sanitizer at the hostel?

Of course! Surgical masks and hand sanitizer are available at the front desk at reduced prices. You can even add them at the time of booking and we will deliver them to you at check-in.

Check-in & Check-out
At what time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in starts at 14:00h in Barcelona hostels and 15:00h in Lisbon. On the day of your check-in, you will be able to arrive at the hostel from 7:00h in the morning. The access to the rooms will be from the indicated hours.

Check-out is until 11:00h, before that time you must leave the room and return the keys at reception. You will still be able to use all the common areas, as well as leave your luggage in the luggage storage of the hostel where you have the reservation until 23:00h so you can enjoy your last day in the city.

Can I leave my luggage in the luggage store before and after check-in?

Yes, you will be able to use our luggage storage before entering your room and after leaving it on check-out day. You must remove your luggage the same day at 23:00h.

Can I check in after midnight?

Yes! Our reception is open 24 hours a day and our receptionists will be ready to welcome you anytime. If you plan to check-in at a certain time, send us a message to the hostel and we will have everything ready for your arrival.

What time does the reception desk close?

At any time! Our reception works 24 hours a day to be able to assist you at any moment. You can also enter and leave the hostel at any time.

Can I ask for a refund if after booking at your hostel, the price of the same type of dorm for the same dates decreases?

No, our prices are dynamic and change from day to day. This means that the price of a reservation can be higher or lower depending on the moment. When you make a reservation, you accept the price at that moment, as well as the cancellation conditions.

Can I send a package to the hostel?

Yes, if you need to receive a package during your stay, you can do so at the reception of the hostel. Please indicate your name (and if possible room number or reservation number) along with the address of the hostel. When we receive it we will contact you.

I forgot an item at the hostel!

Don’t worry. All the objects we find in the hostel are kept for one month to be returned. If you have lost an item or have forgotten something after check-out, please send us an email with detailed information (what it was, where you last saw it, color, etc…), in case it is in the hostel, we will send it to you. (Please note that shipping costs must be paid by the client)

Terms & Conditions
What is the tourist tax?

The overnight stay of residents and foreigners in tourist accommodation such as hostels in some cities is taxed by the tourist tax. Sant Jordi Hostels, applying the regulations of each destination, collects this amount for its corresponding settlement with the administration.

The tourist tax is not included in the price of the reservation. This tax is paid per person per night and will be applied during the first 7 nights. We will not charge this tax before your arrival at the hostel.

In Lisbon, the price is 2,00€ and children under 13 years old, guests with the stay offered by tourist establishments and stays for health reasons are exempt from paying this tourist tax.

In Barcelona, for the Hostel the price is 4,68€, persons aged 16 years or less, stays due to force majeure or health reasons, and travelers participating in programs subsidized by the Public Administration (such as Imserso) are exempted from paying this tax.

For private Apartments the tourist tax is 6,05€ per person per night, will apply for the first 7 nights. Persons aged 16 years or less, stay due to force majeure or health reasons* and travelers who adhere to programs subsidized by the Public Administration (such as Imserso) are exempt from paying this tourist tax.

* It will be necessary to present a document proving the medical reason.


More info:

How can I modify/cancel my reservation?

You can modify or cancel your reservation by contacting the hostel through email or phone. You can find this information in your booking confirmation email, in the “Locations” section of this page, or on the page of each hostel on our website.

We have different rates, each with different cancellation conditions, you can read in detail the conditions of each rate on this page.

Can I stay if I'm under 18 years old?

Guests under 18 years old traveling alone must present a signed authorization from their parents or legal tutors, as well as a signed photocopy of the identity documents of the signing parent or guardian.

Minors under 16 years of age traveling alone (such as school trips) or accompanied by their immediate family members may not share a room with other guests. Children under 16 years of age and their family members must book a full room or a private room just for themselves.

Likewise, in the case of reservations for groups of minors, minors under 18 years of age may not share a bedroom with the rest of the guests, and must in any case reserve entire bedrooms or private rooms for themselves. In the event that the underage guest causes any type of damage to the facility, the full cost of the repair will be charged.

Can I enter the hostel with friends who are not staying at Sant Jordi Hostels?

Yes, as long as they identify themselves upon entering the hostel and as long as they are accompanied by the reservation holder. Guests may only access the common areas and it is expressly forbidden their access to the rooms. The access of people outside the hostel is possible from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. In the event of damage to the facilities or disturbing behavior to other guests, the client who holds the reservation will be responsible for him and his companions.

Are there lockers in all rooms?

Yes, all our rooms have a large locker for each bed so you can store your belongings safely and tour the city in the most comfortable way possible.

Do I need to bring a lock?

In Barcelona, all lockers work with a magnetic key that will be given to you at check-in.
In Lisbon, our lockers work with a padlock but don’t worry if you don’t have one or don’t want to carry the weight in your suitcase. At the reception, you can ask for a padlock by paying a deposit of 5€ which will be returned at check-out when you return it.

My luggage is too big, what do I do if it doesn't fit in the locker?

If our spacious lockers are not enough for your luggage, you can leave your belongings in our luggage storage. Our receptionists will be happy to give you instructions on how to do so at any time.

Do I have to bring my own sheets/sleeping bag?

No. All our beds include sheets, pillow with pillowcase, and comforter (all this always clean and disinfected following our anti-COVID-19 protocols).

In the case of sleeping bags, it is expressly forbidden to use them and to bring them up to the rooms, for hygiene reasons.

Are towels/hair dryers/outler adapters available?

Yes, at reception you will find many products that you can borrow (leaving a deposit) such as hair dryer or adapters, rent towels during your stay, or buy (ear plugs, mask, gel, souvenirs…).

What products can I find at the reception?

At our reception, we have at your disposal several products that you may need during your stay but often are not convenient to bring in your suitcase.

Leaving a deposit (which we will return to you when you return the product once used) you can use hair dryers, clothes irons, light adapters, cables for your devices…

We also offer rental services of towels, bicycles, skates…

And you can purchase products at very affordable prices to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable. Masks, hand gel, earplugs, and a variety of practical and fun souvenirs for you or for your acquaintances (T-shirts, backpacks, lighters, keyrings…). The best way to remember your trip!

Are your hostels wheelchair friendly?

In Barcelona, all our hostels are wheelchair accessible, we have adapted rooms and bathrooms and we have an elevator to move comfortably throughout the hostel.

In Lisbon, being a historic building, the structure and location of the common areas do not allow wheelchair access.

Do you have laundry services? Can I wash my clothes by hand?

Yes, in all our hostels you will find a self-service laundry area where you can use our washing machines and dryers for 4€ each. You don’t have to worry about bringing soap because we include it in the price.

If you prefer to wash your clothes by hand, we also have areas for that as well as spaces where you can hang your clothes and relax or go out to walk around the city while they dry.

Do you have breakfast? How much does it cost? What does breakfast include?

In all our hostels you will find breakfast available to start the day with energy and go out to enjoy the city. You can purchase it with your reservation or buy it only on the days you want to have breakfast at the hostel.

Every morning we serve coffee, tea, milk, and juices, accompanied by cereals, toast, ham, and cheese, jams, butter, and pastries such as muffins or sweet rolls.

What kind of events do you have at the hostel?

Our entertainment team prepares different activities every day to socialize with guests from all over the world, taste incredible recipes from different countries, discover fun games and explore exciting spaces in our destinations. All this to make your trip unforgettable. Our receptionists will inform you of all the activities that are organized during your stay and will tell you how to sign up.

Can my friends from outside the hostel participate in hostel activities?

Many of our activities have limited places and our guests always have priority in registering. But if there is availability, you can participate in our activities with your friends from outside the hostel. To participate, you must register at reception for each activity.

Can I buy activities/dinners with my reservation?

Yes, during the booking process, once you have chosen your room type, you will be able to add our evening activities to your stay in the “products” section to secure your place.

Other Questions
I want to work at Sant Jordi Hostels!

If you are passionate about travel, love meeting new people, and want to be part of our team, please send us your details through our form.

I need an invoice for my stay, how can I get it?

If you need us to prepare an invoice for your stay, you can ask for it at reception and we will send it to your email.

If you want to ask for your invoice after check-out, please contact the hostel by email indicating the details of your reservation (reservation number, name, and dates) and we will send you the documents by email.

I have a service that I think you might be interested in. Where should I contact you?

If you offer a service that you think we might be interested in, send us your proposal to [email protected], and we will forward the information to the corresponding department.

What happens if other guests have inappropriate behavior in my bedroom or any other shared area?

In the event that a client behaves inappropriately, or prevents the normal coexistence with the rest of the customers, or is the cause of complaints from other customers or neighbors in the neighborhood, the management of the company reserves the right to expel the customer from the facility, without any refund of the cost of your stay.