Apartment Facilities

Sant Jordi Apt. Sagrada Familia

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In the Apartments

  • Mixed apartments with single, double and 4 bed rooms
  • Sheets and blankets included in the price
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living room with TV and sofa
  • Dining table and chairs
  • balcony

In the Reception

  • Computer area, open 24 hours with free internet access and WI-FI
  • Free luggage storage facilities
  • Common room with DVD, books, cable TV, guitar and couches
  • Laundry facilities
  • Towel rental
Our Sant Jordi Apt. Sagrada Familia Apartments in Barcelona are a dream-come-true for travelers looking for a little independence and privacy. Each apartment has one private room, one or two double rooms and one or two four-bed dorm rooms. The apartments are shared among 7 to 11 guests or can be rented in their entirety for group or family accommodation. Each apartment includes one or two bathrooms, a living room with sofa, TV, dining table and balcony, and a fully equipped kitchen, with fridge, electric oven, stovetop, and all the necessary cooking utensils. All you need to bring are your own gastronomical skills and food (of course).

Downstairs, at the reception we have a huge, skateboard inspired, modern common area, with a wide selection of movies and books, a sound system, and cable TV with more than a hundred channels, you can rest your feet, chill out and recover from the countless hours you spent wandering our magnificent city. If you need a little fresh air, we also have a large outdoor private patio area, open during the day and accessible by all guests. It is perfect for barbeques, laying-out, reading a book, or meeting up with some friends.

Besides all of this, we also provide laundry facilities, towels, 24 hour free internet access, free lockers (for the shared dorms), free storage room and a cleaning staff that works every day, ensuring the facilities are spotless.

Don’t forget that Barcelona is known for its nightlife. We regularly organize party nights out in Barcelona. All of our Youth Hostels in Barcelona meet up to have an amazing time. With us, a good night out is a sure thing. For the nights we don’t have something special planned, you can come to the reception and ask the staff for a recommendation. They will tell you about the best places to go in the city and even print a Google map explaining how to get there without trouble.

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